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  1. Click Quotation Details - Miscellaneous on the menu.

  2. Double-click any cell to enter information.

    The entire row switches to edit mode.

    • You can also press F2 to switch to edit mode.

    • Once the row is in edit mode, you can click any cell in the row to enter information.

    • An edit mode indicator shows that the row is in edit mode.

      For the item status see Complete a bid for a line item.

  3. Click Country of Origin LOVButton, and select the originating country of the line item.

  4. Type the manufacturer name in the Manufacturer box.

  5. Type the manufacturer's catalog number for the item in the Catalog Number box.

  6. Type the percentage of the materials manufactured in the U.S. in the % Dom. Prod. box.

  7. Click Incoterm LOVButton and select the international commercial term.

  8. Click Delivery Place LOVButton and select the delivery location.

    • The Shipping Days cell shows the number of days that are required for shipping from the delivery place to site.

    • The Pred Contract cell shows the predicted (promised) contract date. The date is displayed in red if the sum of the predicted contract date and shipping days is greater than the ROS date or if any data is missing for this calculation.

    • The ROS Date cell shows the date when the material is required on site (ROS).

  9. To change the Req Delivery Date, click CalendarIcon and select a date.

    By default this date is calculated by subtracting the number of weeks defined by project default from the required on site (ROS) date of the associated requisition line item.

  10. Select the Exp Lic Req check box if an export license is required for this item.

  11. If required, type the export license number in the Exp Lic Number box.

  12. Enter the minimum number of weeks required for shipping the item in the First Ship box.

  13. Enter the maximum number of weeks required for shipping the item in the Last Ship box.

  14. Click Last Ship Date CalendarIcon and provide the last shipping date.

  15. If equipment rental is requested, do the following:

    1. Click Rental Start Date CalendarIcon and select the rental start date.

    2. Click Rental End Date CalendarIcon and select the rental end date.

    3. Type the number of the valid duration with respect to the specified interval in the Valid Period box.

    4. Select the rental interval from the Interval list.

      The available values are Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years.

  16. Click Save.