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  1. Click the Shipment Details tab for the shipment for which you want to add containers.

    By default, the containers created by the suppler or the traffic coordinator, appear in this page. However, you can edit or delete those containers and create new containers as needed. You must have access to the Container Numbers page in Master Data to be able to create new containers.

  2. Click Add Container Com_Add ICONunder Container Details.

    • This option is only available if the means of conveyance is FCL (full container load), LCL (less container load), Break Bulk, or River Barging.

    • If ATD of a shipment is entered, you cannot add or delete containers for that shipment.

  3. Select the packing lists or packages to be shipped in the container and click Next.

  4. Select the provider or owner of the container in the Container Provider box.

    The provider of a container can be Liner, Freight Forwarder, or Supplier. The Supplier option is only available if all the packages selected in the previous step are provided by the same supplier.

  5. Type or select a container number in the Container Number box.

  6. If required, select the container type from the Container Type list.

  7. If required, select the container dimensions from the Container Dimension list.

  8. Select the Out of Gauge check box, if the packages extend beyond the container.

  9. Click Save.

    • You can click a container number to view the assigned packages and make changes if required.

    • You can select a container and click Delete Container ICON Remove to delete it.

    • You can select a container and click Move Container move_container to move it to a new shipment. However, this option is unavailable if ATA of the shipment is entered.