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Why do I suddenly find a release note missing?

You can view the release notes only after the expediter from the buyer company approves them. However, even after approving a release note the expediter might sometimes reverse the approval. When the expediter reverses the approval of a release note, it disappears for you.

  1. On the Packing tab, select an agreement number and click Release Notes. The Release Note Number, Status, Ready date, Incoterm, Delivery Place, HLO Type, Total Gross Weight, and Total Volume appear for each release note assigned to the agreement.

    • If a release note packing has not yet started, an empty progress bar appears in the Status column.

    • If a release note packing has started but not yet completed, the status shows a progress bar indicating the percentage of completion. If you point to the progress bar, the total number of packages, number of unpacked packages and number of packed packages for that release note appear in a callout.

    • If a release note has all item shipments completely assigned to its packages, then the status is marked as Ready to Submit.

    • If a release note is submitted but not yet approved or rejected, the status is Submitted.

    • If a release note is approved, the status is Approved.

    • If at least one package of the approved release note is added into a shipment, the status changes to In Shipment.

    • If a release note is rejected, the status is Rejected.

    • If the traffic coordinator has ownership of the release note, the status is In Progress (TC).

  2. Click Expand packing_expand for the release note for which you want to view the details. The packages for the selected release note are displayed.

    • On the RN Header Details tab, you can see the total Number of Packages, Total Volume, and Total Gross Weight for the selected release note.

    • Under Delivery Details you can see the Ready date, Delivery Designation, Incoterm, Delivery Place, Collection Point, contact person details (Contact Person, Telephone, Email, Address), and Internal Reference for the selected release note.

  3. Click the Packages tab to view the packages that have been created for the selected release note.

  4. Click the Item Shipments tab to view all the item shipment details for the selected release note.

    • The package number appears if an item shipment is already assigned to a package.

    • The information on the Item Shipments tab is read-only.

  5. Click the Transport Documents tab to view the VDRs and other attached documents for the selected release note.

  6. Click the Shipping Invoices tab to view the shipping invoices for the release note.

    SHARED Tip By default, export shipping invoices are displayed. Click Import Shipping Invoices to view the import shipping invoices.