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Attributes can be combined to create attribute sets. Attribute sets can be used as a commodity rule or as a default set to build commodity codes.


Free-Format Commodity Codes

To create free-format commodity codes, an attribute set can be used as a master for copying to create a new commodity code in S.30.01. You can enter a sequential number in the Seq/Digit From field. This sequence is kept in S.30.01.

Rule-Driven Commodity Codes

If you want to create rule-driven commodity codes, select the Commodity Rule check box. This attribute set can be used as a rule to structure your commodity code allowing the Seq/Digit From field to become mandatory and unique. The Seq/Digit From field determines the purpose of each commodity code digit. In the picture above, the 1st and 2nd digits are assigned to the MATERIAL_INSTR value, the 3rd and 4th digits are assigned to the DIAMETER value, and the 5th digit is assigned to RATING information. To limit the digit usage of the last attribute, assign a value range in the Digit To field.

The Default Value field can contain a fill pattern you can use if the attribute value does not cover the full length of the reserved digits. If you do not enter a default value, the software inserts a blank space where needed. You can assign a fix character (for example, a hyphen or minus) to appear in your commodity code by defining a value in the Digit To field that does not fill the Digit From field of the following attribute. In this case, the default value is inserted. In a rule-based commodity code, for example, consider a case where the digits 1-3 are the discipline and digits 4-6 are the material. A flange commodity code for piping could begin with PIPFLG, filling all 6 digits for the discipline and material. However, if you abbreviate piping as PI instead of PIP, you can let the software automatically add a space as the 3rd digit (PIFLG) or put a hyphen in the Default Value field (PI-FLG).

You can add commodity group and commodity part information to your commodity code by defining an attribute called M_COMMODITY_GROUPS or M_PARTS. Include this information in the attribute set in the same manner as you define other attributes. On creation of the commodity code, the attribute values forming the commodity code string are derived from the commodity group/part and the text describing the description/layout of the commodity code.