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The A.50.02 Tables screen allows you to generate the table types for the geometric table. The following figure shows the table name Tables for S.40.12 for the geometric structure you will define in this example.

The table structure for S.40.10, S.40.11, and S.40.13 can be defined in the same way, by selecting the corresponding type.


Complete the following steps to generate the table types for the Tables for S.40.12 example table:

  1. In the Type field, query for GEOM_S.40.12 (to create tables used for generating idents).

  2. In the Table Names block, type the table name in the Name field, and the table description in the Short Desc and Description fields.

    The Name field should provide information about the purpose of this table. For example, the name WNFL_DATA could be defined to provide weld neck flange data.