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This chapter describes how to define and use weldolets in Smart Materials.

In a normal workflow, branches up to a specific size are only purchased in one size. For example, from a PDS® drawing weldolets can be imported into a BOM. Let’s assume, the following sizes and quantities are needed:

10"x1"- 1 piece

12"x1"- 1 piece

14"x1"- 1 piece

The purchase requisition would contain only one size:

14"x1"- 3 pieces

Later when issuing material for this BOM at a site-specific line, when those sizes and quantities are requested (10"x1"- 1 piece, 12"x1"- 1 piece, and 14"x1"- 1 piece) the 14"x1"- 3 pieces will be issued. This situation requires a BOM be made for all possible physical sizes of a part, even though requisitions for the part only exist in a specific size.