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Attributes are the properties of a commodity code. All attributes are created in A.50.01. They are sorted in groups and specified with their datatype, length, description, and so forth.


To predefine a list of values on an attribute, you can either enter a SELECT statement in the Derived From field or open the second window and enter a list of distinct values there.


A special feature (the Default field) in the Valid Values section allows you to select a row in the Comment/Valid Descriptions field to be the default value. This value will be used unless you enter a value in the commodity code creation step at a later time.

In the Comment/Valid Descriptions field, you can enter one or more alternative strings enclosed in curly brackets. These strings can contain wildcard symbols such as the percent sign (%) or the underscore sign (_). If you enter a description or the data is obtained through the interface, the data is validated against the tokens in the brackets. The comparison is not case-sensitive. When a match is found, the associated Valid Value data is transferred to the commodity code and the first string contained in curly brackets is accepted as the valid description.

For example, if you want to access the value CS when you type in text beginning with 'Carb' for the attribute MATERIAL, you would record CS in the Valid Value field with string values such as {Carbon Steel} and {carb%} in the Comment/Valid Descriptions field. The software finds the CS value and sets the description to Carbon Steel.

You can also assign a value in the Valid Value field and leave the Comment/Valid Descriptions field blank. If you do not place curly brackets around the text, you can use the Comment/Valid Descriptions field to enter comments by typing a description in the field.