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As described in the Interface and Map Name section, you must specify both an interface and map name or leave both fields blank. These two fields are dependent upon each other and together form a unique parameter. The LOV on these fields shows the available table types in Smart Materials plus the table types within the import table.

If you omit the table type and description, specify them in the import table; otherwise, no data is imported. If you specify a table type description and a table type as a parameter, you can achieve the results described in the following section, Filters with table type specified:

Filters with table type specified

If the import rows of the selected import type contain table type information, your input parameter acts as a filter.


Table type code: TT1
Table type description: Sample

The following import rows exist:

Rows 1 through 3 are imported, because there was no table type specified previously in the import table. Rows 4 through 7 are excluded and therefore are not imported because row 4 contains a table type that does not match. Rows 8 through 11 are imported because row 8 is same table type as specified.

Import of New Table Types

If the table type given in the parameter does not exist in Smart Materials and the import table starts with a table type that matches your parameter, it is imported from the import table.

Creation of New Table Types from a Parameter

If the table type given in the parameter does not exist in Smart Materials and the import table does not begin with a table type but, for example, begins with a TABLE level row, the table type is created using the parameter data you submitted.