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The Spec Compare tab on Window 2 of the S.50.06 Specification Management screen allows you to compare specification items of two different spec revisions.


For comparing items of two different revisions of a particular specification, you must first select the Enable Spec Compare check box to enable the spec comparison functionality. After selecting this check box, the Deleted Spec Items button, the Spec Compare tab and the Modifications tab are displayed.

On the Spec Compare tab, the current revision number, the publishing status, the publish date, the XRevision, and the version of the selected specification are shown in the first line (Compare Specification). In the second line (With Specification) you specify, with which revision of the spec you want to compare. Depending on the setting of project default ZS_SPECCMP, a default value is shown in the Rev field. If ZS_SPECCMP is set to P, the previous revision of the spec is shown. If ZS_SPECCMP is set to L, the last published revision of the spec is shown. If ZS_SPECCMP is set to N, no revision is shown, you must enter the revision to be compared with manually.

  • Even if a default value is shown, you can enter manually a revision for comparison.

  • You can compare a specification only with a lower revision of the same specification.

The Modifications tab allows you to start the comparison and displays the comparison results.


The Modification field shows whether the specification item has been inserted (NEW), updated (MODIFIED), or not changed (NO CHANGE) compared to the source revision of the specification.

For updated specification items, detail information about the modification is shown in the Changes field. You can double-click in this field to open an editor to see the entire information.

Click the Compare All button to compare all items of the selected specification. Or, click Compare in the line of a specification item to compare only this item.

In case specification items have been deleted compared to the source revision, the Deleted Spec Items button on top of the Specification Items block shows the number of deleted items. Click this button to open Window 5 where the deleted specification items are displayed.


If you want to restore any deleted specification item, select the Add check box and click the Add to Current Spec button at the bottom of Window 5.