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The A.50.03 Tables/Attributes screen allows you to combine the table name of the geometric structure with the attribute names and then create the structure of the geometric table.

Input data is unique, while output data is reused and therefore not unique. Output data is dependent on input data. For example, in the Physical Attributes values in the following example, when the unique and independent input values NPS and Schedule are entered, the output fields populate with the data OD and WT. The OD and WT values are not unique and could be used for other attributes.


Complete the following steps to define the data for the geometric structure:

  1. Click Enter Query.

  2. In the Type field, click TS_Click and select GEOM_S4012.

  3. Click Run Query.

  4. In the Tablename field, query the name of the table you defined on the A.50.02 Tables screen. In this example, you enter the name NPS_SCH_OD_WI.

  5. In the Attributes block, select the attributes (from the LOV in the Attr Name filed) you want to assign to the table structure.

  6. Specify the position of the attributes in the table structure, by assigning them input or output columns in the Physical Attribute field.

  7. Use the LOV button to display the valid values for the Physical Attributes field. From the LOV, select your first and second unique attributes, for example, GD.IN1 and GD.IN2 in the example. Then select your first and second not unique attributes, for example, GD.OUT1 and GD.OUT2 in the example. When you assign the input value (for example, GD.IN1 displays the Physical Attribute field), the output value displays (for example, NPS displays in the Attr Name column).

  8. When you create a geometric on the S.40.12 screen, you assign the pre-defined table definition to apply the table structure defined on A.50.03.