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The Short Code is a spec independent abbreviation for spec materials. The Short Code is MANDATORY field whether it is highlighted green or not. The Short Code’s main task is to give a quick and easy option to create manual estimations. Manual estimations are often created when no commodity codes exist in a spec. The Short Code allows you to insert bill of materials (BOM) data based on spec code, short code, sizes, and quantity. When commodity codes and subsequent idents are added to the specification, Smart Materials is able to find the appropriate ident based on the above mentioned values.

The Short Code is created and managed in screen S.10.08. It can be reached by a simple double click on the field "Short Code."

Special features for Short Code:

  • S.10.08 includes a second window called "parts to short codes." Use this data to filter the possible groups and parts in S.50.06 depending on the previously defined Short Code.

  • The Short Code defines header geometrics for specific spec items. For example, the branch table header geometric definition can work with all items that have a Short Code "BR90" or "BR45." With this definition, the user can make sure that only branches are filtered by the branch table, contrary to the wall thickness filter table with which the branch table doesn’t work.

  • Short Code "%," This special short code exists in any Smart Materials database. This short code is normally used for a general filter table for wall thickness in the spec header geometric definition. This placeholder therefore can be used to assign a filter table to all specification items.