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The spec filtering mechanism is the basis of a function in SmartPlant Materials called FIND_IDENT. This function is used mainly in the BOM module:

  • On the B.20.01 screen, after entering the required information manually

  • In a verification job that finds idents for multiple positions, previously inserted in the BOM nodes

  • During the import of BOM positions via OMI (screen B.40.01)

The FIND_IDENT tries to find idents with the following information:

  1. Which specification is the material in?

  2. Which short code is assigned to the item?

  3. Which option is desired?

  4. What are the sizes of the item?

FIND_IDENT will look up the spec for the appropriate information and return an ident according to the spec filtering mechanism. However, in some cases, find_ident can even find idents that are not "directly" in the spec. Refer to the "Searching outside the spec" section for more information.