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To insert a record, the package can be called as following:

m_api_fluid_classes.ins_xxx (us_id, ... , l_col_rec, result);

Wherein the xxx has to be replaced by the table short name.

The package requires user security information to read project defaults or privileges. Therefore, the us_id parameter is needed. This parameter is equivalent to the value of the USID column. The USID is displayed in the Session Information area when you are logged in to Smart Materials.

l_col_rec is a record that can be defined as:

l_col_rec m_api_xxx.t_col_rec;

t_col_rec is defined in the packages like this:

TYPE t_col_table IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(255)


TYPE t_col_rec IS RECORD

(col_name t_col_table,

col_value t_col_table


The result parameter is of type OUT and is telling you whether the inserts were performed successfully or not.

You must use uppercase for the column names.