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Commodity parts are the second level of specifying materials. For example, if the commodity group describes pipe in general, you can use the part to define and structure more specific information about seamless pipes, welded pipes, and so forth. Commodity parts are defined on S.10.03 Commodity Part. Characters of the commodity part can be used to build the commodity code. The part short description and description are included in the commodity code description and commodity code layout if you build rule-driven commodity codes.

Ensure to include the part in the attribute set that is used to create attribute-based commodity codes (see Define Attribute Sets).

To define a commodity part, select the commodity group in the Group field, type the part code, select the commodity rule from the LOV in the Rule field, select a standard, select the attribute set from the LOV in the Attribute Set field, and type a part description in the Short Desc and Description fields. The picture below shows an example.


Note: If you attach an attribute set to a commodity part, the attributes are automatically copied during the creation of the commodity code on S.30.01 Community Code.