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If project default ZS_RBICB is set to R or is not specified, and you enter the Tag Number on S.50.06, the ident codes are generated as per the Ident Rule defined on S.10.01. In this case, the Tag Number is also updated (in M_IDENTS) and displayed in the TAG_NUMBER field. If a document is associated with the Tag Number in S.30.01, then the document will also be stored in the M_IDENTS table. When building rule-based ident codes, the Logical Unique Keys are validated. If the validation is successful, then the rule-based ident codes are built.

If ZS_RBICB is set to C and you enter the Tag Number on S.50.06, the ident codes are generated using the M_PCK_STD_CUSTOM.NEW_RB_IDENT_CODE CIP. The signature of the NEW_RB_IDENT_CODE function is as follows:


(p_ident_nummer IN m_idents.ident%TYPE,

p_proj_id IN m_projects.proj_id%TYPE,

p_commodity_id IN m_commodity_codes.commodity_id%TYPE,

p_input_1 IN m_idents.input_1%TYPE,

p_input_2 IN m_idents.input_2%TYPE,

p_input_3 IN m_idents.input_3%TYPE,

p_input_4 IN m_idents.input_4%TYPE,

p_input_5 IN m_idents.input_5%TYPE,

p_cps_id IN m_commodity_proj_specifics.cps_id%TYPE,

p_usy_id IN m_unit_systems.usy_id%TYPE DEFAULT


) RETURN m_idents.ident_code%TYPE

The NEW_RB_IDENT_CODE function returns the customized ident code.

You must not update the TAG_NUMBER field in the M_IDENTS table from within the new NEW_RB_IDENT_CODE function. The software uses this field to differentiate the rule-based ident codes and the customized ident codes.