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In the lower part S.50.06, you can edit the following data:

Spec header geometrics

Special geometric tables are assigned to the specification. Filter tables used to define the wall thickness information for the specification, branch tables, and other tables are used for additional documentation issues. Details will be given in the section "Ident Filter" in this document.

Specification groups and details

The specification group screen allows you to select tables based on available table names in S.50.01. Table groups can be used to classify the detail information of the table. For example, a table "MATERIAL" can be classified into groups "Stainless Steel," "Carbon Steel," "plastics" and others.

The specification details screen allows you to assign detail information for all preselected tables.

Note: These definitions are used exclusively for documentation. There are no standard downstream processes in Smart Materials that use these values or view them. Use these values in reports and CIPs if needed. ( See chapter "Standard report S.50.R.11 Piping class")

Specification notes

Specification notes are predefined text blocks that can be assigned to specifications. Notes are comparable to the specification table details used to document specifications purposes and rules.

General notes used in a specification must be predefined in screen S.50.09.

Specification limits

One common requirement to detail a specification completely is the definition of limits for pressure/temperature pairs. The limit definition is managed in the following sub screen and used exclusively for documentation purposes.

Specification Items

The specification item screen opens by a double click on the spec code in S.50.06.