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Using the S.40.30 Simulation for Geometrics screen, you can perform a verification of the definitions for your user-defined target table and the existing relation for the applied standard tables. After a successful check, the simulation can be performed and a temporary table will be filled with the defined geometric data.


To perform a simulation for geometrics, do the following.

  1. In the Formula field, select the formula you defined on the S.40.20 Geometric Formulas screen.

  2. Click Run Query.

  3. Clear the Simulate check box for formulas where you do not want to perform a geometric simulation, and select Simulate for the formular you want to use for the geometric simulation.

  4. Click the Validate button in the row with the selected Simulate check box.

    If the simulation is successfully, the Geometric field in the second (Name of Simulated Table) block gets a yellow background color.

  5. Click Run Query again.

    The geometric table name of type S.40.12 will be indicated.

  6. Go to the next block and verify the simulated data shown in the temporary table.

  7. To export the data to your user-defined table, return to the S.40.30 Simulation for Geometrics screen and select the Transfer check box.

  8. Click any of the available buttons to transfer the data into the user-defined target table.

    • Add only new rows

    • Replace old by new rows

    • Delete only invalid rows

    • Delete archiver

  9. Verify the generated data in the target geometric table.

    Open the S.40.12 Commodity Geometrics screen, query for the geometric table, and click Next Block to open Window 2.


  10. Check the geometric details.