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Before you begin working on this screen, you must complete all of the prerequisites for generating commodity codes as described in Commodity Code Prerequisite Setup.

  1. Open the S.30.01 Commodity Codes screen, and select a group and a part from the LOV.

    A placeholder is displayed in the Commodity Code field, as shown in the picture below.

  2. Select the object parameter from the LOV in the Object field.

  3. Save all entries, and click the Next Block button to go to the next block.

  4. On the Details tab, you will find all table names according to the commodity rule defined on S.10.01. Click in the Group field and select a table group (defined on S.20.01) from the LOV. Then select a table detail (defined on S.20.02) from the LOV in the Detail field.

  5. After you have selected all table names, table groups and table details, save your selection.

  6. Then click the Build One Commodity button.

    The new commodity code displays.