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Branches require an additional filter method on top of the wall thickness filter. Because the different possible branches overlap in header/branch sizes, one specific branch must be preselected for each header/branch size combination. This is done with the branch table in Smart Reference Data.

The branch table in Smart Reference Data is a predefined geometric table with a fixed format.

Beside the header and branch definition, the important fields are the commodity group and part fields. If a specification item with a Short Code field value mentioned in the spec header geometric branch table definition appears in the specification, only the idents pass through the filter that belong to the specified commodity group and part from branch table and the same nominal size combination defined in the branch table on INPUT_1 and INPUT_2.

If the ident has one nominal size and is a branch, INPUT_1 of ident will only be checked against the Dn Branch field of the branch table.

Branch tables in S.50.03 cannot be used with the wildcard short code value %.

Branch tables can only be assigned on spec header geometric level because they are valid for several different branch items.

Specification items that should be filtered by a branch table must all have the same short code.

The branch filter workflow in S.50.06 is shown below.

Assign the branch table to the spec header geometrics.

Branch specifications items

View the specification item idents for a reduced tee without branch filter

View the specification item idents for a reduced tee with branch filter.