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This functionality copies piping specifications and related information from an existing proposal project to a new EPC (standard) project. The idea behind this functionality is to ease the usage of Smart Reference Data and Smart Materials for proposals and small projects. Concept commodity codes and piping specifications created during a proposal should be reusable when this project is awarded. An option is provided to copy the specifications with or without idents. There are some limitations associated with the usage of this feature:

  • This will only work if the new project (destination project is ideally an EPC Project) does not have any specifications or commodity codes in it.

  • Copying piping specifications from other projects works no matter what kind of project-specific data is concerned. All missing data is created.

  • The source project (where you copy the specifications from) has only created new:

    • Commodity codes (S.30.01 Commodity Codes)

    • Table details (S.20.02 Table Details)

    • Geometrics, used for commodity geometric relation or in a specification (S.40.01 Nominal Sizes, S.40.02 Outer Diameters, S.40.03 Nominal Reducers, S.40.05 Branches, S.40.06 Schedule, S.40.07 Wallthickness, S.40.1x Geometrics)

  • Commodity codes are not copied if the project has created new commodity rules, tables, or a new geometric that is using new tables.

This functionality also allows copying specifications from a project which is not a proposal project to another project. The following flowchart describes the steps for this functionality:

Creating an EPC