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If the ident is filtered on the specification item level or specification header level, filtering using a branch table occurs independently. However, the branch table filter is examined only if the ident passed the previous filters successfully.

All branch material that is placed in a specification should have the same short code value, such as BRM.

On S.40.05 Branches, you can define several branch tables that can be used in the specification. To define a branch table, perform the following actions:

  1. In the branch table, define two nominal sizes, the commodity group, and the commodity part that will be used for this nominal size combination.

  2. Optionally, enter information in the Short Desc and Break Type fields for the specification filter.

  3. Type the value 1 in the Pref field.

  4. After defining the branch table, assign the branch table in the S.50.06 Spec Header screen in the Block Spec Header Geometric section.

  5. Choose your short code for branches (such as BRM), the correct Unit System value, Table Type Branches, the correct Table Name, and the Nominal Size ranges.

  6. Click the Filter check box.

If a specification item with a Short Code field value of BRM appears in the specification, the only idents passed to the filter are those idents belonging to the specified part from branch table and the same nominal size combination defined in the branch table on INPUT_1 and INPUT_2.

If the ident has one nominal size and is a branch, INPUT_1 of ident will only be checked against the Dn Branch field of the branch table.

You can apply multiple branch tables to one short code. If the ident is contained in at least one of the branch tables for the actual short code, the ident is considered to belong to the specification item.

Entering size ranges of 1 or 2 for branches in the Spec Header Geometrics section has no effect on the result of the branch table filter.

The unit system of the ident is compared to the unit system entered in the S.50.06 screen under the Spec Header Geometric section. Only if both values are equal is the ident treated as a match.