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Equal branches are branch items with the header size equal to the branch size. An example is a straight tee.

There are two ways to standardize idents for equal branches:

1. Define the ident with two sizes:

1. size header

2. size branch

(3. schedule)

You will filter the ident matching the header size and the branch size of the branch table.

2. Define the ident with one size:

  1. 1. size branch

  2. (2. schedule)

There is a setting on S.10.08 in the Find Ident Parms field called "Equal branch, ident 1 size, matches both". This setting tells the software to match the header size and branch size of the respective branch table against the size1 of the branch ident. The default behavior for single sized equal branches is that only the branch size of the branch table must match up with the size1 of the branch ident. This default behavior may cause problems if your branch size is not unique in the associated branch table and you do not want to duplicate the size1 of your equal branch idents.

  • The unit system of the ident and the unit system of the filter geometric rows must match as described in other sections, as well as the unit system selected for the branch table in S.50.06. If you use the find ident parm as mentioned above, you can also enter your tee with two equal sizes in the BOM, and the ‘find_ident’ job will find the correct ident, if you enter only the first size.