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Attribute-based commodity codes are directly based on attributes from A.50.01 and not on table details from S.20.02. They are used to handle tagged material and have the item rule SWT (standardized item with tag). Attribute-based commodity codes have no object parameter attached, and their ident has the geometric input columns set to zero. These conditions enable each commodity code to have one ident and multiple tags.

You can build rule-driven or free-format commodity codes based on attributes.

Rule-driven commodity codes have an attribute set that works as a commodity rule. The commodity code string, its description, and the commodity layout are structured according to this rule.

Free-format commodity codes are based on a free set of attributes entered to build a commodity code. The commodity code and description are entered manually by the user. Smart Materials builds the layout and ensures that the same commodity code does not exist already in the project and that another commodity code with the same attribute value combination does not exist within the same commodity part.