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On the S.20.02 Tablename with Details screen, you define the master table details and the links to detail table details.

  1. Ensure that table details are defined for the detail tables that are linked with the master table.

  2. Select the master table and the group.

  3. Create a detail by typing the detail name in the Table Detail field.

    Do not enter descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields. These fields will be populated after you assign the detail table details.

  4. After saving, click Next Block to open Window 2.

  5. On Window 2, select the name of a detail table in the Tablename field.

    All tables you have linked to the master table on A.50.02 are available.

  6. Type a unique sequence number in the Seq field.

    The sequence number specifies the order in which the detail texts are placed in the master.

  7. Select a table group from the LOV in the Group field.

  8. Select a table detail from the LOV in the Detail field.

  9. Repeat the previous steps for all table details you want to link to the master table detail, then click Save.

  10. Close Window 2 to view the result.