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You can define the ident rule on the S.10.01 Commodity Rules screen. You can enter the details on the Ident Key for Rule tab on the Ident Attributes tab. The software allows you to select different types (Commodity Code, Tag Number, Document Code, Size 1-5, Output 1-15 and Attr Char 1-10) which are used in creating a rule for ident creation.


There are several validations that can be enforced while defining the rule for building the ident codes, such as:

  1. The Commodity Code and Tag Number types must always be included in the ident rule (in S.10.01).

  2. The sizes Size 1-5 shall be selected in sequence only. This means that you can include Size 2 only after including Size 1 in the ident rule.

  3. The sizes Output 1-15 shall be selected in sequence only. This means that you can include Output 2 only after including Output 1 in the ident rule.

  4. The attribute characters Attr Char 1-10 shall be selected in sequence only. This means that you can include Attr Char 2 only after including Attr Char 1 in the ident rule.

  5. A commodity code (such as CC1) is built with a commodity code rule (such as R1). An object paramter (such as O1) is associated with the same commodity code (CC1). If object parameter O1 has 5 Inputs, then the ident rule (corresponding to R1) must contain all 5 sizes (Size 1-5).

If you set the project default ZS_ITA_CHK to Y (this is the default) or not set, to enable the above mentioned validations.

If the project default ZS_ITA_CHK is set to N, none of the afore-mentioned validations are performed. You cannot enter a commodity code or a Tag Number. You can include Size 5 even if Size 1 is not inlcuded. The number of sizes in the ident rule will not be checked with the corresponding object parameter. If ZS_ITA_CHK is set to N, and the Tag Number field is filled on S.50.06, then Idents will still be built using the ident rule defined in S.10.01, if ZS_RBICB is set to R or not specified. For information on ZS_RBICB, see .

You can also define the logical unique keys (LUKs) in this screen. The same digits in the Unique Key field constitute a LUK. The order of the columns in the LUK is set by the Ident Digit Id field. There can be more than one LUK defined corresponding to the rule for rule based ident codes.

On the CC Attribute Labels tab, you can select attributes for the variable attributes Attr_Char_10 selected in the Ident Key for Rule. Later on, this attribute’s label text will serve as prompt for the variable attributes on S.30.01 Commodity Code - Additional TAG Info.