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On the S.40.21 Geometric Rules screen, you define the relationships between commodity codes and geometric tables for generating idents.

In the first block, type the name of the geometric rule in the Rule field, select a formula in the Def. Formula field, and type the rule description in the Short Desc and Description fields.

In the second (Geometric Rule Definition) block, you specify which group, part, commodity code shall be linked to which geometric. In the example on the picture above all commodity codes in the PP group and P part are linked to the 35S_11 geometric.

Because this would include commodity codes with any design standard, you can define a filter as shown on the next picture.

The P_DSGN_STD table with the NMTLC PFV table group and S table detail are used to filter the commodity codes. Only commodity codes which were generated with table detail S are considered by this geometric rule.

When the rules are defined and saved, click the Commodity Relation button.

The generated commodity geometric relations can be viewed on the S.40.22 Commodity Geometric Relations screen as shown below.

Based on this relationship, you can generate the idents on the S.80.01 Ident Management screen.