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The specification template is a group of component groups defined on S.50.17. Use the S.50.18 Specification Templates screen to define a specification template associating various component groups.

In the first (Specification Templates) block, you can define the specification templates. Type the name of the specification template in the Template Code field, and the template description in the Short Desc and Description fields. Click Search All to display the search results for the selected specification template.

In the second (Component Groups) block, you must specify all the component groups that you want to associate with the template. In the Component Group field, select the name of the component group (defined on S.50.17) from the LOV. The component group description is displayed in the Short Desc and Description fields. Click Search to start a search run for the selected component group. The search result is shown in a separate window, as described further down

In the third (Components) block, the components (short code, group and part) are displayed that are in a component group associated to the selected specification template. In this block only queries are allowed.

In the fourth (Commodity Code Property Values) block, all the tables are displayed of the Commodity Code Properties block from the S.50.17 Component Groups screen. Here you can enter the commodity group, sizes, and table details (commodity code properties). There are tables that do not fall in the set of tables that come from commodity rules associated with the parts of the commodity group). The software prevents you from entering data for such tables and displays the restricted fields with a separate color.

The Commodity Group field specifies the commodity group, which along with other corresponding details (sizes and table details) is used to filter the specification items that we would get as a result of the search using the specification template. This field is optional. If you do not enter a commodity group, the software filters the specification items as per the commodity group and/or part that is available under components. The From Size 1 field specifies the value for Size 1, and the To Size 1 the value for Size 2.

The labels of the Table1 to Table10 fields are the names of the tables from the Commodity Code Properties block in the S.50.17 Component Groups screen. Here, you can enter corresponding table details for each table. As mentioned earlier, there can be a maximum of 10 tables corresponding to a component group. The filter defined for commodity groups and parts on S.20.03 and S.20.04 is considered when displaying the data in the LOV for Table1 to Table10.