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To work with discipline dependent specifications, you must set the project default ZX_DP_SPEC to Y. If this project default is set to Y, only specifications assigned to the login discipline are displayed and available in Smart Reference Data.

To assign a specification a discipline, open the S.50.06 Specification Management screen, right-click in the Spec Code field, and select Discipline Specs from the context menu.


The Window 9 opens, where all available specifications are displayed.


You can use the Display Options on the left to display only project specs, product group specs, or both. Select a discipline from the LOV in the Discipline field to change the assignment of a specification.

  • By default, the discipline with which you are logged in when you create the specification is assigned to the spec.

  • You can only update specifications which were created in the project or product group you are logged in, and which are assigned to the discipline you are logged in.

  • The discipline of all revisions of the selected specification will be updated.