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Let’s assume that there is a commodity code rule RULE2 that has a corresponding rule for generating rule-based ident codes, a commodity code exists in S.30.01 using RULE2, and idents exist using the corresponding rule for rule-based ident codes.

Also consider that if table details are changed then the commodity codes are also automatically updated. In this case, the effect of the rule for rule-based ident codes is also considered. Updated table details can only be saved if it does not violate rule-based ident codes.

Commodity codes are automatically updated if you:

  1. Change the table detail code in S.20.02.

  2. Click Build One Commodity in S.30.01.

  3. Click Build CC for Part(s) in S.30.01.

  4. Change the group code.

  5. Change the part code.

If you update either the Group Code on S.10.02 Commodity Group, the Part Code on S.10.03 Commodity Part, or the table detail code on S.20.02 Tablenames with Details, the software also tries to update the corresponding rule-based ident codes. If any of the updates do not result in unique (including logical uniqueness) ident codes, then the corresponding transaction fails giving an appropriate message.

If the DBA setting UPD_RULE_BASED_IDENTCODES is set to Y and the commodity code is updated successfully, the corresponding rule-based ident codes are re-built and updated using the prevailing ident rule. The LUKs are also validated, and only after successful validation the software allows to save.

The software prevents the deletion or modification of Additional TAG Info corresponding to a Tag Number on S.30.01 if rule-based ident codes already exist in the project, using the specified Tag Number.

The software also prevents the deletion of Additional TAG Info corresponding to a Tag Number on S.30.01 if the corresponding Tag Number is used in any specification.