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The records in the Table Import Rows section can be fetched by clicking Display Import Rows or moving to the section and executing a query. Import jobs are always done by import type following the sequence assigned to each record. You can update each column of the import table manually on the screen and insert new lines. If you do not enter a sequence for your line, the system generates one for you. All new lines are assigned to the import type you specified in the Table Import Destination section of the screen.

All fields are optional except the Level and Code fields. To import the short and long descriptions, you must enter an existing NLS (language) identifier. Otherwise, the NLS will be set to 1 (English) by default. If you only supply the short description or the long description, the value you do not supply is automatically populated by the one you supplied.

  • If you add lines to import descriptions in different languages, you can enter the data in the same log on environment, but you must log on to the desired language to get the rows during import. For example, if you enter English and German data in the same logon environment, you must log on in <German> to see the <German> rows when they are imported.