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The Copy Geometrics feature allows you to copy geometric details from one geometric table to another geometric table. This can be done on the following screens, dependent on the geometric type:

  • S.40.10 Standard Geometrics

  • S.40.11 Other Geometrics

  • S.40.12 Commodity Geometrics

  • S.40.13 Filter Geometrics

  • S.50.20 Wallthickness Geometrics

  • S.50.21 Rating Geometrics

  • S.50.22 Other Spec Geometrics

In these screens, you select the destination geometric table where the geometric values will be copied. On Window 2, you click the Copy Geom button to open an LOV dialog with available geometrics of all types. You select a geometric which will serve as the source geometric. Then you must map the attributes of the destination geometric with the appropriate attributes of the source geometric. The mapping of all destination geometric input attributes is mandatory.

When you click Copy Geom, a list of available geometrics is displayed as shown below. You can select one geometric from which you want to copy the geometric details.

After selecting a geometric and clicking OK, the following window is displayed.

Here you must map all the input attributes of the destination geometric table with attributes in the source geometric table. The selected Input? check box indicates the input attributes. To define a mapping, select an attribute from the list in the Source Geometric Attribute field. The marked Mapped check box indicates the successful mapping of destination and source attribute.

Before you start the copy process, select one of these Copy Options:

Insert and Update - Inserts the new geometric details and updates all of the existing matching geometric details. This is the default option.

Insert Only - Inserts only the new geometric details from the source geometric, but does not update existing details in the destination geometric.

When all needed mappings are defined and saved, click the Start button to start the process of copying geometrics.