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When you click Search, provided against each component group on the S.50.18 Specification Templates screen, the software computes and shows the search results (in fact, these are specification items that fulfill the corresponding data that is entered in the Components and Commodity Code Property Values blocks) in a separate window as shown on the picture below. A list of missing short codes, groups, and parts where no commodity code was found is also shown in this window. These records cannot be selected for populating into specification items.

You can select one or more specification items to copy them into one or more un-issued specifications, also from other projects.

The first (Specification Templates) block displays the details of the specification template, and the second (Component Groups) block the details of the component group associated to the specification template, for which the search result is shown in the next block.

In the third (Specification Items – Search Result) block, the search result for a component group with the details given on S.50.18 Specification Templates is displayed. This result is stored along with the specification template and the component group. Every time you perform a search, existing results for a specification template are replaced with the new results. Whenever the data on screen S.50.17 or S.50.18 is modified, you must again refresh for the latest search results by clicking Search again.

Select the Sel check box for each item to copy into other specifications. The specification items are displayed with short code, commodity group, commodity part, option code (default value is 1) , commodity code, short desc of the commodity code, the project or product group (PG) the commodity group belongs to, the size1 and size2.