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You can add a verification check (approval) to sections. An Approve button appears at the bottom of the section next to the Submit button. Only the users that have bee configured to approve the section, can click the Approve button.

  • Approvals can only be configured on sections (in other words, they can't be configured on subsections).

  • Approvals can only be configured on sections with a Submit button - the No Submit Button check box can't be selected.

To configure a section approval:

  1. Select the section in the section box at the top of the Sections tab.

  2. Under the Approvals heading, select the roles, rights group, or permission-based option from the Add approval option list.

  3. Select the role, rights group, or permission that you want to approve the section.

  4. Click OK.

Only one approval can be added at a time. To add more approvals to the section, open the Add approval option list again. A separate Approve button appears for each approval configured.

For more information, refer to Subsection: Approvals.