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In this chapter we introduce a selection of advanced features of IndustraForms including:

  • Carrying data from one IndustraForm instance to the next

  • Importing data from logbooks, other IndustraForms and SQL databases

  • Filtering imported data by area or other Context Filters

  • Summarising and manipulating imported data

  • Creating line graphs and bar charts with imported data

  • Controlling approvals with Sections, Roles and other techniques

To showcase these features and how they can be combined to create a composite solution, we use an example of a Shift Handover. However, these features are used in the design of a wide range of operations management applications.

For the purposes of our example, we assume that our site has two sections, Section A and Section B, and that Section A has Unit 1 and Unit 2.

Configuring the Area Hierarchy

Section A, Unit 1 and Unit 2 each has its own handover configured with a unique IndustraForm.

Blank Shift Handover Template

The default configuration is used for each handover as shown.

Default Shift Handover Configuration

Tutorial Diagram Convention

In the diagram below there are overlaid screenshots: an IndustraForm design; the same form in the Test Form window; and configuration snippets from the Properties panel. The diagrams in this tutorial generally follow this pattern.

Tutorial Diagram Convention