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When the Choice type is selected, the Options Source option list appears.

Custom List

Allows you to add the choice options.

  • Click Add to add an option to the list.

  • Click Delete to remove the selected option.

  • Click Up or Down to reorder the options.

To format an option (change background or text color, change font size and style), select the option you want to format and click Edit.

Option List

Allows you to link an option list to the choice cell. The choice options are created and formatted in the option list. For more information on option lists, refer to Create an option list.

Predefined Datastore

Allows you to link a data store to the choice cell. By default, the available data stores are User List (all of the users created on your j5 System appear in the list) and User Rights Groups (all of the user rights groups available on your j5 System appear in the list, for example: Operator, Supervisor, Manager).

Database Table

Allows you to link a database column to the choice cell. Enter the Table Name, ID Column, and Label Column.

Import Formula

Allows you to import options for the choice cell. Enter a formula in the Options box.

When using the Database Table or Import Formula options, you need to authorize their SQL queries. To authorize SQL queries, open the Authorized SQL Queries configuration page on your j5 Web Client and click Authorize.