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We’re now going to update our form design to only carry over Shift Tasks that are not complete or cancelled. On the Sections panel we will set Carry Over? to Yes for section 2.1. And then we will configure an expression that will indicate if a particular section should be carried over: =AND(TaskStatus<>"Complete",TaskStatus<>"Canceled")

If you complete some Unit 1 handovers now, you will see that the repeating sections are carried over to the next shift only if the status is not Complete or Canceled.

The Carry Over if formulas are evaluated as defined in the old form, rather than in the new one. This means that changes to these formulas will only have an effect on the second shift completion. If the Carry Over if formulas was previously not entered, no repeating sections will be carried over to the next shift. The repeating sections will only be carried over in the second shift when the Carry Over if formulas can be correctly evaluated.