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In the last chapter, we added a table with a trend of the KPIs for Unit 1. Now, let’s turn that in to some line charts, instead of a table.

The formula for the Data Binding was as follows:


"shift_date,shift,AAPRTarget,AAPR,ACPRTarget,ACPR,CSTLTarget,CSTL"), "shift_date>=?", TODAY()7)

For our charts, we’re just going to show the values, not the targets, and we’re going to show the CSTL value in a different chart (since its scale is quite different). Finally, we’ll add an extra FILTER to only take the Day shift value so that we can use the shift_date on the x-axis with just one value per day.

This is the formula for the AAPR / ACPR chart:

=LINECHART(FILTER(FILTER(IMPORT.LOG("handover_logbook", "shift_date,AAPR,ACPR"),

"shift_date>=?", TODAY()-7), "shift=?", "Day"))

As you can see, we simply pass the result of a data import formula in to the LINECHART function. This function can be used as the value of a Chart element type, with a value source of Expr. / Const., as shown below. The first column will be used on the x-axis, and the rest of the columns are the y-axis series.

  • The chart axis scale is determined automatically based on the range of values in the chart. The series labels come from the column names in the imported dataset.

  • It is also possible to draw a BARCHART. This is demonstrated in QUERY examples.