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Choice is a Type of IndustraForm cell that enables the user to make a selection from a drop-down menu. The drop-down options are drawn from: 1. a static List; or 2. a Predefined Data Store, such as User List; or 3. a j5 Database Table.

List: The options for the drop down are manually added to the Options text area, one option per line

Choice Field List on an IndustraForm Instance

Predefined Data Store: Uses a list of options that have been predefined in the j5 Framework or application e.g. User List. The User List datastore populates the drop down with User Names that have been registered in j5

Choice Field Predefined Data Store on an IndustraForm Instance

Database Table: Populates the drop down with values from a j5 database table. You will need to provide the source Table Name, ID Column and Label Column values