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In addition to styling cells based on a choice option, it is possible to style fields based on the value of the choice option.

If we want the styling of the Equipment column to be based on the Standby option in the Status field, we can set the Use Value property in the Format panel.

In the example above, the formula in the Use Value field can be explained as follows: "If the value of the equipment_2_status field is equal to ‘Standby’ then return ‘Standby’ as the value to be used, otherwise return ‘Not Standby’.

This means that the same styling as the Status field will only be applied if the ‘Standby’ option is chosen.

By default, if the style to be applied needs to correspond to any option in a choice dropdown, then the Use Value field can be left empty.

The only styling that applies on mobile is conditional styling for Choice elements when options are from a user entered list.