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Once a Datasource has been configured in the j5 System Management Console and selected in the Designer, one can query a Tag for its Current Value, Archived Value or Aggregate Value. Each of these options is explained below and can be seen in the Datasource Value Configuration image:

  • Current Value: The most recent value of the specified Tag available to the Datasource.

  • Archived Value: Value of the specified Tag at a point in time in the past.

  • Aggregate Value: Aggregate value of the specified Tag between two datetime points. This aggregate may optionally have a weighting applied (e.g. Time, Event), the weighting options available depend on the Datasource.

Archived Value options

Aggregate Value options

The Aggregate functions available in the Designer for Datasources are dependent on the Datasource Type and Server.

Process Data Tag and Time options may be specified manually or calculated from a formula. If a formula is used for a Time option, it should return a date/time value. So, for example, if you want to have an IndustraForm that has readings at specific times during the day, you can use a formula like the one in the image below. The TRUNC(A9) formula removes the time portion of a date/time input element in cell A9, and then adding TIME(18,0,0) puts that specific time of day back in.