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On a mobile device, forms are displayed using a 2-column layout: the left-hand column displays the field label, and the righthand column shows the field input or value.

Referring to the image above:

  1. Labels are in the left column

  2. Values are in the right column

By default, all fields in an IndustraForm design are included in the mobile layout. The mobile field order is taken from the desktop layout, row by row, from left to right.

Mobile labels default to using the label field to the left of the input field in the desktop layout, when available. If no label is available, the field ID for the input cell is used. The label can be set manually, as is described in the next section.

Often this is sufficient, but for instances where it does not produce a good layout, or the IndustraForm creator wants something specific for mobile, the layout can be customized.

The following sections describe the tools available for tailoring IndustraForm designs for mobile use.