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The following IndustraForm template design options are available:

  • Use a sample IndustraForm template (Sample IndustraForm templates): An example of a sample template that doesn’t require any edits is the Operations Logbook default form. It can be edited to meet your requirements, but in many cases, it will meet requirements without any edits.

  • Edit a sample IndustraForm template: Use the template's structure, but edit the template so it meets requirements.

  • Convert one of your existing hard copy forms into an IndustraForm: Use an existing hard copy form as a guide for your new form's structure and input requirements.

  • Add some IndustraForm features to your original hard copy form design: Begin with your hard copy as a guide, but then add some IndustraForm features. For example, set flagging and validation rules for individual input values, carry over input values from one IndustraForm instance to the next, calculate totals or averages, or display tag values.

  • Add more complex features to your original design: For example, display data in graphs, import data from other applications, or configure complex carry over rules.

  • Start from a blank template: Choose your building blocks and how you want to arrange them.