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In our example so far we have used a filter on the handover status field for "Open for Approval". This is useful while creating and testing IndustraForm designs, as it means that it is easy to modify the data that is being imported. However, this approach requires the handovers to be completed in a very precise sequence, which is not practical in production.

For this reason, it is recommended that the filters are changed from:

=FILTER(<...>, "status=?", "Open for Approval")


=FILTER(FILTER(<...>, "shift_date=?", shift_date), "shift=?", shift)

This requires specially named Elements in the form design named ‘shift_date’ and ‘shift’ that will be populated automatically by the Shift Handover application when the form is created. We added these in the previous step when we needed the ‘start_time’ and ‘finish_time’ Elements.