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An IndustraForm can be configured to read Process Data from a process data historian or any OPC compliant data source (e.g. a DCS or PLC), and this information can be displayed to users in Charts, or used in calculations.

Earlier in the tutorial we saw that a cell value can be retrieved as User Entered or an Expr / Const. The third option is to retrieve a Process Data value.

A Process Data cell is configured in the Process Data section of the Properties tab on the form design right-hand side panel. After being setup in j5 System Management Console the available data sources will appear as options under the Datasource dropdown. The tag name must map exactly to what it is in the data source.

To check the Current Value of the Tag click the Check icon.

A datasource needs to be set up in the j5 System Management Console before going further. Please refer to j5 Installation and Upgrade on how to connect a data source to j5.