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Content that is in a repeating section will also be carried over to the next shift. We are going to add a "Shift Tasks" list to our IndustraForm design to explore how this works. It has a single-line repeating section (2.1 in the Sections outline).

There are three elements in the repeating section. TaskDescription is a text element. TaskResponsible is a Choice element that uses the predefined User List. TaskStatus is a Choice element with the following options: Not Started, Complete, On Hold and Canceled.

If you complete some Unit 1 handovers now, you will see that the repeating sections are carried over to the next shift.

A heuristic approach is used to determine which repeating section in the previous form design corresponds to each repeating section in the new form design. This is important to be aware of if the form design changes significantly from one shift to the next, for example, with element names moved from one repeating section to another.