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The following file types can be created in the j5 IndustraForm Designer:

  • IndustraForm template – These IndustraForm design files form the templates of all IndustraForm instances on your j5 System.

    • Shift Handover IndustraForm templates linked to enabled shift handover configurations create shift reports in the j5 Shift Handover application.

    • Operations Logbook IndustraForm templates have their own add buttons at the top of the j5 Operations Logbook list view.

    • Work Instruction IndustraForm templates linked to released work plans create work instructions in the j5 Work Instructions application.

    • Operator Round IndustraForm templates linked to released operator round plans create rounds in the j5 Operator Rounds application.

    • Report IndustraForm templates can import data from any of the j5 applications. These templates can be used to generate scheduled PDF reports on the Reports configuration page.

  • Theme – Themes are used to modify the color and style of various headings and cell types within multiple IndustraForm templates.

  • Option List – Option lists can be used to populate Choice type option lists within multiple IndustraForm templates.

  • Static File STATICicon – Static files (images, documents, videos, or sound clips) can be uploaded and attached to multiple IndustraForm templates.