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The following file types can be created in the j5 IndustraForm Designer:

  • IndustraForm template – These IndustraForm design files form the templates of all IndustraForm instances on your j5 System.

    • Shift Handover IndustraForm templates linked to enabled shift handover configurations create shift reports in the j5 Shift Handover application.

    • Operations Logbook IndustraForm templates have their own add buttons at the top of the j5 Operations Logbook list view.

    • Work Instruction IndustraForm templates linked to released work plans create work instructions in the j5 Work Instructions application.

    • Operator Round IndustraForm templates linked to released operator round plans create rounds in the j5 Operator Rounds application.

    • Report IndustraForm templates can import data from any of the j5 applications. These templates can be used to generate scheduled PDF reports on the Reports configuration page.

  • Theme – Themes are used to modify the color and style of various headings and cell types within multiple IndustraForm templates.

  • Option List – Option lists can be used to populate Choice type option lists within multiple IndustraForm templates.

  • Static File STATICicon – Static files (images, documents, videos, or sound clips) can be uploaded and attached to multiple IndustraForm templates.

IndustraForm schema versions are updated from time to time. IndustraForms built with an earlier schema version, can be imported and edited in their schema version's j5 IndustraForm Designer and later versions of the Designer. However, IndustraForms built with a later schema version, can't be imported into an earlier schema version of the Designer.