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  1. Select the IndustraForm’s scope.

  2. If the IndustraForm is available in all of your areas, look at the connection node.

  3. If the IndustraForm is only available in particular areas, look at the area nodes where it is available. IndustraForms are available in their parent area and child areas.


Themes affect IndustraForms and option lists in their scope, area, and child areas.

If all of your IndustraForms and option lists have the same color and style, your j5 System’s theme is probably at the connection node (Everything scope).

The blue theme is automatically applied to all of the IndustraForms on your j5 System. To override the automatic blue theme, create a theme at the connection node with the Everything scope selected (it affects all of the areas for all of the applications) and edit it to meet your requirements.

If your IndustraForms' and option lists' themes vary by application or by area, select the IndustraForm’s or the option list’s scope. The applied theme will be in the IndustraForm’s area or parent area.

Option List

Option lists can be referenced in IndustraForms with the same scope, area, or child areas.

General option lists (for example, status options) would generally be configured with the Everything scope at the connection node.

Select the option list’s scope for application specific option lists.