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In the previous chapter, we began designing our Handover IndustraForm for Unit 1. Now, we’re going start adding information to the form from other sources. The first thing we’ll add is a section of the report that shows the Operations Logbook entries from the shift for Unit 1.

We start by designing the layout for the information, in the same way as you would for a repeating section.

To make a manually repeating section, we would check the Can Repeat? checkbox for our sub-section (3.1 in the section outline). However, we would like this section to repeat based in imported logbook data. To do this, we set the Data Binding formula for section 3.1:

=IMPORT.MYSUBLOG("general_logbook", "start_time,logtype,message,status")

Setting a data binding formula means that the number of repeats of the section will be linked to the number of rows in the dataset returned by the Import function. There are a number of Import functions available: their function names start with IMPORT. Import functions return a Table data type. This is data type is similar to a cell range, however it has column names, as well.

The IMPORT.MYSUBLOG function, that we are using in this example, returns the columns from the specified logbook, after applying the built-in sub-logbook filtering rules. Because we are building a Handover IndustraForm, the Handover Logbook rules are applied. For the Operations Logbook, this means that only log entries that were open at some point during the shift are returned. In addition, the Handover area filter is automatically applied.

Certain logbooks do not follow the same area constraints as the Operations Logbook does. However, the IMPORT.SUBLOG function will apply the area restrictions applicable to the linked logbook, and remains unaware of any variations in area context a sublog may have. Examples of Handover Logbook sublogs that don’t use the Handover area filter include the Work List Logbook and Standing Orders Logbook. For these sublogs, it is necessary to explicitly clear the area context with the FILTER.CLEAR function.



With a Data Binding formula specified, we can now connect the information in the imported dataset row to the elements in the IndustraForm. To do this, we will use the BOUNDCOL function, as in the diagram below. It is also possible to use the BOUNDCOLN function that takes a column number as a parameter, rather than a column name.