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For the query in Related area filters to work with a Shift Handover, the Shift Handover needs to be configured as follows:

For this example the area structure is as follows:

  • Site 1

    • Section A

    • Section B

  1. In the IndustraForm Designer, select the Shift Handover scope.

  2. Right-click the Site 1 area node and select New Industraform (not New Handover Config) on the shortcut menu.

  3. In the New IndustraForm dialog box, enter a name for the new IndustraForm and then click OK.

  4. In the j5 Web Client, click Configuration in the navigation bar and select Shift Handover.

  5. Create a Shift Handover configuration. For the Site select 1 and for the Section select A then select the IndustraForm created in step 2 as the Main IndustraForm.

    The queries explained in Related area filters will now work with this new Shift Handover which is in Section A, but it will be able to query things that are Site 1 and below.