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In order to use the j5 IndustraForm® Designer, you need to connect it to your j5 Server.

To connect the j5 IndustraForm Designer to your j5 Server:

  1. Click new connection . The j5 Connection Details dialog box appears.

  2. Enter your j5 Server’s connection name and URL (or IP address).


  3. Click OK. The connection name appears in the navigation pane.


To sign into the new connection:

  1. Double-click the connection name. The j5 Login window appears.

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. Click OK. Your operational areas, and the IndustaForm templates and files configured for your j5 Operations Management System appear in the navigation pane.


  • By default, only users with the administrator or power user rights group can access the j5 IndustraForm Designer. Administrators can see all of the area nodes and can add files and folders to any area. Power users can only see the area nodes they have been assigned to and can only add to those areas.

  • You can create and open multiple connections and work on files from different servers concurrently.